Over on the Statesman Addie Broyles is reporting on the opening of Lenoir in the old Somnio’s location in Bouldin Creek.

Coincidentally we were riding by there this morning on the way to Once Over Coffee Bar and noticed the giant TABC notice on the wall. We’re always working hard so we’d stopped and snapped a photo to see what new bar Randall Stockton had in the works.

Apparently Mr. Stockton has not ventured into South Austin and instead the man behind the project is Todd Duplechan, sous chef of Four Seasons Austin.

Anybody who’s worked under Chef Elmar Prambs has bona fides to the moon and back from where we sit.

This guy’s been at the top of the game in Austin for a quarter century. Some of the best bites of food we’ve ever been fortunate enough to put in our mouth have come off his range so we’re stoked to see what his protege’ has in store now that he’s ready to assume the center of the stage.

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