We’re always looking for an excuse to ride up to Taylor Texas, the buckle in the Central Texas barbecue belt. We’ve got a circuit we go on once we hit town. It includes Davis Grocery for old school, Black folks style barbecue. The Reverend James A Davis Jr is always firing on all cylinders on his big pit. http://chowpapi.com/?p=1038

We always have to stop and visit with Vencil Mares at Taylor Cafe too. A cold beer and link of his Bohunk sausage makes our day. http://chowpapi.com/?p=936

We love Louie Mueller too. They don’t see as much of our brisket money as they used to but when they’ve got their game face on they’re still in the upper echelon of smoked meat parlors.http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/7/3/Louie-Mueller-Barbecue-In-Taylor-Texas-Hits-The-Big-Time

Our love of dirt cheap, ice cold beer carries us through the tough times. When we need a saloon fix we hit Ed’s Place right behind Mueller’s. It’s one of the great Texas beer joints.

We could go on and on [and probably have] but it looks like we’ve got a new excuse to hit Taylor Texas this month: The SPJST barbecue cookoff.

SPJST stands for for Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas, or Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas.

Anytime you’re in a tiny, Central Texas town and see a bunch of vehicles parked near a non descript building you may be outside an SPJST lodge.

Their halls are generally filled with a bunch of good time loving Slavs and non-Slavs working towards benefiting the community they’re in through an assortment of fund raisers and what have you.

Here’s their website http://www.spjst.com/

Details are scarce about the cookoff in Taylor but I’ll update this as more information comes in.

Here’s the lead man if you want to inquire directly Jesse Psopisil (512) 365-1110

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