We miss the old Ruta Maya on 4th street. This was where the dealers, the hippies, the punks, the misguided youth of the time-all hung out, all hours of the day and the night. Walking through the giant doors across the creaky hardwood floors, past the guy selling hand blown glass wares, like as not stepping across a stinky old hound dog catching some rays in a sunspot from the transom windows…well, those are Austin memories we’ll treasure from now on.

The “new” Ruta Maya has now been there long enough for us to also have some misty watercolored memories. Like sitting on their shabby, side porch early in the mornings and watching a pair of red tail hawks swoop over the enormous field that was next door for decades.

It was bulldozed in favor of a Round Rock style apartment building and the hawks vanished as did we.

But we were in the neighborhood the other day so we stopped in for a bit to reacquaint ourselves with the old joint.

Of course we got a barista who took one look at us and decided a history of no wave punk had to be discussed for ten or so minutes.

It was a good time.

Our shabby side porch is even shabbier. And a tranny fortune teller was holding court for some wide eyed boys from out of town.

It was a good time.

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