We wrote about the chef at the new “Bacon” restaurant Tyler Johnson here: http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/8/3/New-Concept-Restaurant-Bacon-Announces-Executive-Chef and we have to admit we’ve had high hopes for the new joint since we first learned of their pork belly based business model. Now we’re not so sure.

While it’s true that we’ve known and reciprocated the love of many vegetarians over the years we believe that now and again the omnivores of the world must be served. Especially if you’re going to title your restaurant “Bacon”.

So when we were reading the morning newspaper and discovered that “Bacon” is serving a vegan version of the beloved food our hearts fell.

There’s something wrong with that.

We love a narrow focus on many things. To be the best at one thing sometimes you have to sacrifice the omnibus approach and concentrate upon that which you’re attempting to leave your mark.

If you call your restaurant “Pot Roast” we don’t want to see a protein 2000 version of the family staple. We want to see genuine, authentic pot roasts.

By dumbing down your concept and trying to appeal to the broadest possible denominator your focus is dulled.

The time spent making a faux bacon [assuming you didn’t buy some soy-wheat, vegan bacon-factory product ] could be spent nurturing your bellies through the lengthy, involved curing process.

We don’t expect local vegetarian stalwart Mother’s to start serving sirloin steaks to kow tow to the omnivores and we don’t want a restaurant titled bacon to do like wise for vegetarians.

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