In years past we’ve limited our visits to Four Seasons Austin to those very special occasions[ Buddy Holly/Doug Sahm’s birthday for instance ] that come up once or twice a year. After all, it’s an expensive place to have a good time and while we love the joint we don’t have the funds to make it a regular haunt. Til now.

Last month Real Ale of Blanco came to town and threw a kegger with wallet friendly prices on their delicious ales. We had the time of our lives sitting around in the lobby bar talking Austin dives with a very knowledgeable bartender and of course drinking heavily.

Sobering up in a hammock on the banks of the Colorado has got to be one of our favorite ways to spend a Summer afternoon especially with the help of the best hammock frames in the UK.

We hadn’t planned on going back any time soon but this Monday September 12th 2011 from 5-7 pm, the fiends in their promotion department have come up with another scheme to get us back to the bar.

They’re offering $5 Titos Vodka drinks and to boost the affair to the nether they’re passing appetizers to boot.

Any time we get a chance to eat from the stove of Elmer Prambs we’re all over it.

Time to get out the good cowboy hat and knock the dust off the boots, Four Seasons here we come.

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