The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas is throwing a party tonight at the W Hotel in downtown Austin.

If bottomless glasses of wine and endless buffets of food appeal to you this may be your event.

The Foundation has certainly worked overtime on getting their food line-up looking good as they’ve enlisted, among others, the following restaurants: TRACE: Haven’t been but a friend is working in their kitchen and reports that they are doing things the right way.

Kenichi: It’s been years but this used to be one of the few places where you could get decent food after 10pm

Contigo: These weathered ranch hands from East Austin better wipe off their boots before they go inside the tony W.

Boomerang’s: We’ve eaten their food at street events before. Odd booking them here.

Aquarelle: We thought they’d closed down so they could undergo a reinvention as a taqueria. Apparently that’s been pushed.

Malaga Tapas & Bar:We do like Chef Duran and have had some good bites of food here over the years.

Buenos Aires Cafe:Love BA Cafe. Love Chef Reyna, one of our favorites.

Max’s Wine Dive:Wonder if they’ll bring any of their $25 pot roast platters?

urban, an American grill: Not if you paid us

Mansion at Judge’s Hill: It’s been years.

Frank: Horror stories abound at this comically poorly run kitchen. Not on your life.

Obviously there will be hundreds of gallons of wine pouring at this affair too. We’ll leave that subject for folks better suited to exploring it.

At $80 for general admission tickets this strikes us as being a fair value. Particularly if you’re unabashed in your consumption in these settings which we often are.

Sometimes we’re asked to leave and sometimes we manage to escape the scrutiny of the organizers. It’s a roll of the dice when you’re working off a dozen or so glasses of wine.

The organizers have requested that everyone dress “upscale casual”, we have no idea what that means as in Austin the homeless looking guy in cargo shorts and flops could easily be worth a few million dollars.

Downmarket fashion in upmarket settings in Austin is not going away anytime soon.

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