Established in 1953, Cooper’s barbecue is one of the most revered of the Texas barbecue canon.

We allow the icon a pass on our recent visit. It’s bright and early and the smoker is billowing but little is available. We order sausage, a beef rib and a half pound of brisket while gazing longingly at the distant array of semi raw meats bathed in smoke.

After a few bites we realize we’ve hit the legend on a bad day. That coupled with the memory of the previous day’s top flight bounty of world class barbecue at the Brady Texas International Goat Cook Off, makes us less than chuffed at the pile of meat on the table.

To be fair the sausage is quite good. Good enough in fact to be included in our “Central Texas Hot Guts” project we’ve been working on for the past year.

The Cooper’s segment will be coming up soon.

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