Too many late nights spent at Hoek’s Pizza on 6th. Too many drunken evenings spent devouring pizza whilst leaned up against a wall watching the world walk by.

Then there was the night when Bob Woody, the landlord of one of Hoek’s previous locations tried to make an unannounced visit into their kitchen and we had to put the brakes on him. Thought a drunk x-frat boy was looking for a lavatory to relieve himself in.

The differences, though they may be minute to most people, were apparently writ large to Woody, as for a moment he tried to be macho.

But only for a moment.

If you’re stepping around in cargo shorts with an oxford shirt and saddle shoes you might get treated like you’re rough trade.

There are few better dining experiences than eating a slice of Hoek’s pepperoni, heavily crusted with red pepper flakes, while listening to Skeletal Earth on a streetside hi-fi.

Hoek’s has went upscale in recent years taking over a defunct Torchy’s Tacos room and adding beer to their menu.

That’s fine by us. We know they’re still as rough and tumble as they come.

Prices have went through the roof but quality still runs high and the ambiance doesn’t come cheap.

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