It’s been good having Hopdoddy in town. These guys are doing the burger trade right and serving notice to other joints in Austin that if you’re not grinding your own beef, baking your own buns and cutting your own fries then you’re pissing up a rope.

We like that. Austin is filled with “legendary” burger joints that are trifling when it comes down to real details.

They grab a few trays of pressed beef patties, buy a flat or two of buns and a few sacks of frozen, processed French fries and think they put in a days work.

We’ve been on a burger odyssey these past few months. We may or may not hit the 50 that Mike Sutter over at is in the midst of but one thing is certain.

There are a lot of bad burgers hereabouts these days.

What’s a burger house that you find to be particularly lacking?

Where are you going to get a good burger?

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