Food activists from Austin and across the nation will be taking to the streets next week; September 12 and 13th 2011 in San Antonio Texas.

One can imagine scenes reminiscent of Vancouver Canada back a few months ago when one hockey team got beaten by another hockey team and folks expressed their displeasure by burning buildings to the ground and assaulting one another with sticks and such. With farm activism on the front burner these days who knows how all these food folks will react to each other?

Austin is particularly well represented by such luminaries as:

Marla Camp, publisher of Edible Austin and chair of the newly formed Sustainable Food Policy Board for the City of Austin and Travis County.

Erin Flynn, founder of Green Gate Farms. Green Gate probably needs no introduction but it is an organic food source for hundreds of Austinites both through CSA subscriptions and patronage of Green Gate’s farm stand.


Dr. Mark Shannan, an Austin based raw milk advocate.

We read each issue of Edible Austin from cover to cover. It’s nice to have a tangible, paper copy of something in your hands in this day of paper free everything else.

We’ve also feasted off of friend’s Green Gate Farms produce boxes as they are packed to the gills and can overcome even the most energetic of home cooks.

We don’t know Mark Shannan but 90% of the milk we drank prior to going away to college was of the raw variety. We’ve never understood the hoopla of drinking milk the way nature intended before Louie Pasteur came along and ruined it for everybody.

This sounds like it could be a really good time. It’s $110 bucks to attend which is pricey but it does include food from the kitchen of Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due fame.

We’ve heard that guy can really cook.

The event is to be held at the Pearl Stable the former home to Pearl Brewerie’s draft horses. One can imagine the stalls have been mucked and everything will be in order prior to the conference.

Here’s the website with all the info

and the Edible Austin website

Green Gate Farms is here

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