What used to be the hotspot on the East Side of Austin on Saturday night is now a quick mart with a hot deli.

Where the young ladies used to step into the joint on fire wearing purple ostrich skin thigh high boots, now they’re more likely to be in a pair of slippers.

It’s not 21 plus anymore and the impossibly huge brute of a bouncer with a face craggy like the moon is nowhere to be found. We enjoyed the old version of the Shack.

We enjoy the new version.

This is where we come for a quick, cheap corner store burger. There is no seating so we like to pace back and forth outside while we take our meal.

Generally somebody from the neighborhood will pop up and pace along with you. This may be good or it may be bad but it always makes for an interesting dining experience.

Of course most people trundle their food to their autos and head to the house.

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