September 26th 2011 is the officially announced date as the opening for the new smokehouse of one John Mueller of the legendary Mueller barbecue family of Taylor Texas.

It’s been a long,hard road that Mueller’s walked down the past five years since he shuttered his Manor Road restaurant and walked off into the sunset. We first got wind that he might possibly be getting back into the barbecue game when we penned this piece about forgotten barbecue of Central Texas.

We were probably in a philosophical mood that day and had no way of knowing that the man who brought veritas to the national belief that Austin has world class barbecue was indeed back in the game.

But after the article came out we got wind of the possibility that John Mueller might be returning to Austin and opening a new restaurant.

Indeed a month or so later the reclusive pit boss emerged from Williamson County and it started to look like he had a new project in the works

Finally, after some serious smoke-filled room negotiations, parlays where his people met our people in dusty honkytonks near Thorndale and an attache’ case niftily passed from one op to another at a busy North Austin transit center, a deal was brokered and we sat down with the legend.

In a scene straight from Apocalypse Now, Mueller sat in repose in an enormous,cane backed butterfly chair in a cotton baron’s manse down a long, gated road in Williamson County.

The interview went something like this

of course the buzz was deafening after that. Austin has always been barbecue hungry and we’ve seen the interest skyrocket these past few years with national media regularly coming to town and bumbling their way around for awhile before going back to god knows where and typing out a column.

Of course plans had to hit a major snafu. The entire prospective restaurant project was shifted from East Austin to South Austin. We covered the breaking development here

Which brings us to today. We now have an official opening date, an official opening location and barring any major developments we’ll all have a plate of brisket and handmade Texas Hot Guts in front of us on Monday September 26th 2011

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this barbecue joint.

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