Bad news coming out of Fort Worth Texas this morning.

Fina’s Tamales aka Fina’s Tortilla factory has closed. The business, in operation since 1949, was famous in cowtown for being one of the few molinos [a grain mill where corn is treated and ground to be utilized in the preparation of tamales and corn tortillas] in the area. The two elderly sisters, Catalina Gallegos and Josefina Gallegos had assumed the reigns of the company their mother started decades ago.

60 scratch tortillas would set you back $2.50.

A dozen pork tamales came in under $9.

What will the two little old ladies be doing with their spare time after a half century of hard work?

Taking it easy and riding the bus to Oklahoma to play the slots, reportedly.

We reckon Hot Damn Tamales, the gourmet source for all things masa in Fort Worth will pick up the slack.

We’ve included their location in our google maps feature.

We’re a sentimental lot here at scrumptious and though we’d never been to Fina’s we’re still going to be spend the rest of the afternoon moping around the house daydreaming about those corn tortillas.

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