The comforts of Arpeggio Grill are manifold. This is where we like to while away an afternoon sitting on the floor leaned back against a ground level sofa taking furtive nips off the bottle of Raki we carry around in our backpack.

We have eaten many delicious meals at Arpeggio from the day they opened years back til a week or so ago. When we get a hankering for some grilled lamb, hummus and baklava we know where to go.

The staff is diverse with cast members from Yemen, Jordan, Syria and other countries whose cuisine we have an affinity for.

We’ve also had the pleasure of sampling their delivery pizza. The restaurant occupies a shuttered Schlotzky’s Deli so the oven is nicely seasoned. The pie won’t make you forget House Pizzeria anytime soon but it is good and they won’t get way deep into your pocket like the blackguards at EastSide.

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