In a surprising turn the Georgetown Texas city council voted to establish a winery in the downtown area of the notoriously staid community.

The move came at the behest of the Georgetown Winery Initiative, an outfit devoted to recruiting wineries to the old downtown square.

No word on whether they city will move to demolish the historic city center, rend the pavement from the earth and plant the resultant fields in grape vines. Grape Creek Vineyards of Stonewall Texas is set to open a facility in the former visitors center in summer of 2012.

Speaking on the affair Mark Thomas, economic development director for the city, had this to say “We looked for quality, sales potential, their management capabilities, and their attitude towards success.”

The new location of the vineyards will also include a wine tasting room as well as a wine production area.

The city of Georgetown is committed to having several wineries join Grape Creek and make the city a destination for people into that sort of thing.

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