As avid omnivores there is very little we won’t consider eating. While it is true that we failed spectacularly at our attempt at vegetarianism there are still times when we leave the meat in the fridge and concentrate on other things. Like fungus and chiles and cheese.

More particularly portabello mushrooms, Hatch chiles and Manchego cheese on corn tortillas.

We love writing recipes for the herbivores amongst us. It’s challenging to make something delicious that doesn’t include one of our usual standbys like ribeyes, pork chops or chicken thighs.

With Hatch Chile season in full swing we hit the kitchen and constructed some vegetarian tacos that were easy to make and oddly satisfying in spite of their being meat free.


1 each Mushroom, Portabello, large, sliced

4 each Chiles, Hatch (or Anaheim) roasted and chopped

1 each Shallot, chopped

Manchego Cheese

4 each Tortillas, corn, warm

1 each Lime, quartered

Butter, fat pat




* Heat cast iron pan with butter til butter browns and aromatizes

* Place mushrooms and shallots in pan and do not disturb

* Salt liberally or judiciously

* Mushrooms will begin to sweat

* Wait til moisture has evaporated then give pan a good shake

* Add chiles

* Cook 3 minutes giving pan occasional good shake

* Divide mushroom/chile mix onto corn tortillas

* Squeeze lime over assemblage

* Sprinkle liberally with Manchega cheese


Delicious vegetarian tacos are at the ready. Meat would be superfluous on these beauties. They need nothing more than perhaps a dousing of a good red or green salsa.

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