Over on the Twitter we’ve harvested a list of winners of yesterday’s Gettin Sauced Barbecue sauce competition run by the folks behind http://manuptexasbbq.blogspot.com/: *Fresh miscellaneous winner: The Great White Hope – Alabama White Sauce (Shiner, TX)

We grew up eating white sauce at Big Bob Gibson’s in Alabama. It’s nice to see the sauce making inroads into the great state of Texas.

*Fresh fruit winner: Two Bros BBQ’s Tamarind Sauce (San Antonio, TX)

If it’s got tamarino in it we’re going to like it. Infinitely delicious. Can’t wait to try this sauce.

*Fresh mustard winner: Two Bros BBQ’s Sweet Sauce (San Antonio, TX)

We’ve been reading about Two Bros BBQ down in San Antonio for awhile now. Might be time to make a roadtrip.

*Fresh tomato (spicy) winner: Black’s Barbecue Habanero Sauce (Lockhart, TX)

As we reported earlier. Black’s wins. We’re happy.

*Overall fresh winner: Black’s Barbecue Habanero Sauce (Lockhart, TX)

See statement above

*Bottled miscellaneous winner: 816 Original (Napa, CA)

A buddy of mine’s been trapped in Napa for the last few years. Says it’s a living hell. But he’s from Lubbock which is paradise.

*Bottled fruit winner:Tribal Moose BBQ’s Original Cranberry [Sublimity, OR]

Love the name Tribal Moose. Wonder how the barbecue up in Oregon is?

*Bottled mustard winner: Old Timer Gourmet BBQ Sauce (Frisco, TX)

*Bottled vinegar (spicy) winner: Desert Smoke BBQ’s Raspberry Chipotle (Scottsdale, AZ)

Bring back the 80’s! Raspberries used to be in everything.

*Bottled vinegar (mild) winner: Denny Mikes Carolina Style (York, ME)

Maine has barbecue?

*Bottled tomato (spicy) winner: Grumpy’s Black Label (Thornton, CO)

*Bottled tomato (mild) winner: Grumpy’s Goodnight-Loving (Thornton, CO)

A trend?

*Overall bottled winner: Old Timer Gourmet BBQ Sauce (Frisco, TX)

A few thoughts on barbecue sauce: Generally speaking we have no use for the stuff. We’re rooted in the old,old,old Texas tradition of letting the meat do the talking. Salt, black pepper, maybe red pepper if we’re feeling sporty but that’s about all we want coming near our barbecue.

Yet we do make exceptions. Our favorite sauce of all time comes from Archibald’s over in Northport Alabama. When Jimmy Carter was elected president he attempted to get Archibald to cater the party at the White House. Archibald declined, said he’d never left the state and didn’t see any reason to now.

If you’re ever anywhere near Tuscaloosa/Northport please visit Archibald’s. It seats 6 people. No, they do not have brisket but their smoked boston butt and pork ribs are two of the best things you will ever put in your mouth. Here’s a pic:http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/1/6/Austin-Daily-Photo–Archibalds-Barbecue–Wednesday-January-5th-2011

In Texas we eat a little sauce once in a great while. Namely at R&G Barbecue down in McMahan and City Market in Luling. The sauces are identical and wonderful.

That’s about it. Other than a curious amalgamation of a sauce that we make on our stovetop that strictly is used as a baste for smoked chicken in our backyard, we’re just not real big on the stuff.

We’re definitely in the minority as crowds reportedly swarmed the Gettin Sauced party at Independence Brewery this weekend.

Anything that stimulates more interest in barbecue in Austin is alright by us.

All barbecue coverage here: http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Barbecue

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