Our love of Black’s Barbecue in Caldwell County is boundless. We’ve long maintained they put out the best brisket, best sausage and best beef ribs in Lockhart, the little town that rivals Taylor for Texas kingpin status.

Now they’ve waded into the fray that is the Gettin Sauced Barbecue sauce competition and emerged victorious. We kept trying to picture ourselves at the party/competition at Independence Brewery yesterday and always rolled snake eyes.

We knew it would be a good time but with a 3pm start and the potential of a heat stroke as we stood in line for a few bites of brisket or sausage, well, it just wasn’t going to happen.

Although the prospect of watching Taylor Texas barbecue legend John Mueller disembowel someone for looking at him the wrong way was pretty enticing.

All reports indicate the hot headed Mueller was on his best behavior at the affair.

Too bad as we love a good dust-up.

Here’s Black’s Barbecue’s Facebook link where they’re crowing about their victory


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