We don’t eat a lot of pizza in Austin. We love pie but it’s too easy to drop thirty dollars on a good sized pizza with the proper toppings in a town that’s rightly not known for its pizza skills.

Then there’s House Pizzeria. Where you can get a pizza that comes in the right, non-gorging, size for around ten dollars.

We go here for the sausage and mushroom pie hot out of the custom oven with a beautifully charred crust. Unless we’re feeling froggy and opt for the salami with purple onions and cheddar. It sounds bizarre but as a couple times a year treat it is delicious.

This is also the first place we ever had potatoes on a pizza. It’s not our thing inspite of a general love of nightshade brought on by heavy Ray Bradbury reading as youths.

The salads are boring mainly due to the lack of a decent salad dressing in the kitchen. This is Texas where we like a good, scratch ranch or creamy bleu dressing not a lemon wedge thrown on the edge of a saucer with a hearty “go to squeezing-there’s yr damn dressing”

Beer is plentiful, local, ice cold and served at a tiny bar where we love to take our meal.

We never made it by the old Kentucky Fried Chicken that formerly inhabited the space where House lives now. We do have a general love of mom n pops that take over former corporate restaurant buildings and are always happy to see local joints make good through doing their business the right way.

This is what House Pizzeria is doing and we estimate that they are the best pizza in Austin right now.

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(512) 600-4999

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