Hey Iron Bear denizens, meet your new neighbors! We love national chains coming to Austin and judiciously choosing their spots to maximize success but this is genius.

The Muscle Maker Grill is opening on Congress Avenue right around the corner from the Iron Bear, Austin’s hottest new gay leather bar.

Serendipity or ingenious market analysis? We’re opting for the latter.

The buff studs at Muscle Maker Grill will only have a block or two to walk after they get done eating healthy to get down on the dance floor with some muscle bound leather hunks at Iron Bear.

Maybe they can do some cross promoting where you bring in a receipt from one establishment to get a discount from the other?

Iron Bear could have Muscle Maker Night!

Wait, they’re already doing that as this is where Austin’s most muscle-y gay guys are congregating every night to rack up with a cub of their choice.

Maybe Muscle Maker Grill could offer sandwich discounts to the fur covered He-Bears of Iron Bear.

We’re not much of ones for “eating healthy” so we’re probably going to skip The Muscle Maker Grill’s Austin opening but we salute them for their careful marketing as they plan their Austin opening[s].

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