We just got wind of another barbecue cookoff this weekend. It’s down in San Antonio at Freeman Coliseum, the legendary venue where certain Texas old timers will recall Wahoo McDaniel winning an epic battle royal in the early 80’s.

The barbecue cookoff is being held in tandem with the Texas Hunting and Outdoor Classic, a huge annual hunting and boating show that 1000’s of San Antonians pencil into their calendars each year. The event is this Saturday August 27th 2011.

Categories in San Antonio are brisket, half chicken and pork spare ribs. Cash prizes will be doled out to the top three in each category.

We scanned through the rules and love the fact that SAUCE IS BANNED from the trays at turn in. Just like it should be. This late arriving affectation to our Texas foodways is plainly wrong and we like to see the Hunting and fishing folks putting an end to the nonsense.

We’ve only visited two barbecue houses in our careers as eaters that had sauce that made the angels sing.

Good for y’all down in San Antonio.

Further down the rulebook.

Excessive use of alcohol may be grounds for disqualification. There goes our entry as we’re a hard drinking lot. We don’t need another episode like the one at The Backroom when Hank III played and we were overserved leading to our removal from the property by a phalanx of hired Mexican hoss cats.

No animals allowed in cookoff area.

Unless they’re dead and being prepared for eating.

Award ceremony is at 7pm.

If you’re not already planning on going to the Gettin’ Sauced barbecue party at Independence Brewery this Saturday this sounds like a pretty good cookoff.

all barbecue coverage here: http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Barbecue

3201 E Houston St

San Antonio, Texas


(210) 226-1230

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