We can’t think of a chef that’s done more for bringing local foods into eater’s consciousness than Bryce Gilmore.

When he started Odd Duck, the tiny food trailer on South Lamar, we doubt he considered that he could also be starting a movement.

He has. Nowadays when you’re at the farmers markets, the chefs in their jackets are thick as fleas. No more calling up Segovia and calling it a days work. Now, to establish your bona fides you better be haggling with a farmer over the days rutabaga or else you’re in danger of being obsolete.

Humble food carts have gone local, barbecue joints have gone local, halls of fine dining have gone local….everybody’s going local. Even school cafeterias are starting to get their groceries sourced locally.

We have Bryce Gilmore, in part, to thank for this insurgent movement.

all austin daily photos here: http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/RIP-Rest-In-Piece

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