The fable of Roy Jeffrey is one of the great stories of Texas barbecue. The pit boss who became legendary in first Luling then Houston has been settled down in McMahan Texas for awhile now but his barbecue, if anything, is actually better.

This is how a Texas barbecue house should look. Sitting on the side of a quiet road in a rural county, gravel parking lot, ice cold, dirt cheap beer, maybe some George Strait playing off in the background. A Texas flag waves in the breeze. Some old timers are throwing bones and talking about how life was back in their heyday when they used to get drunk and fist fight at the Bloody Bucket Saloon.

Some times it was willow switches and whittling knives other times it was just plain biting and buttin’.

Texas true.

Read more about the controversial legend of Roy Henry here and here

It makes for a fine tale.


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