Preamble: Watch the Casserole Queens here on Today Show:

Addie Broyles over on the Statesman website is reporting on big doin’s for Austin Texas Casserole Queens.

The two queens, Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock are going to be featured on the Today Show in New York City tomorrow morning. For the unfamiliar, the Casserole Queens are an Austin food delivery service. They bake scratch casseroles and bring them to your doorstep to take the hassle out of preparing homemade foods.

We’ve never tried the service. One of our great pleasures is the careful construction of a King Ranch casserole-or any casserole for that matter.

We wrote the rules on King Ranch. Literally. Please read the following: and if you care to make a King Ranch please follow the rules.

Of course we love to make them ourselves: and reckon our version can stand up against anyone’s.

We love when Austin Texas food folks hit the big time so make sure you tune into the Today show tomorrow morning and watch two local gals made good; The Casserole Queens.

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