It’s fitting that there is a framed photograph of Bobby Mueller [RIP] on the wall at the barbecue house his father Louie built decades ago.

After all, it was Bobby who presided over the pit when the Taylor Texas barbecue house rose to international prominence as the buckle in the Central Texas barbecue belt. Bobby Mueller’s passing in 2008 left a chasm in Taylor Texas that will simply never be filled. But the family business must continue; son Wayne has been handed the reigns of the operation and with his assistant Tony White they’re still putting out some very fine smoked meat up in Taylor.

Smoke and fire are in the Mueller bloodline as John Mueller, the ornery, street fighting man-son of Bobby, is about to set the Austin barbecue world on its ear with the opening of his new joint; JMueller BBQ down in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood in South Austin.

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(512) 352-6206

Hours of operation


10:00 am – 7:30 pm

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