Voodoo BBQ’s Tony Avila:

“It’s great for us because at a lot of barbecue places you walk in and there’s pigs on the wall, a Texas-style country western feel. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we just wanted to separate and have a different-style feel than those. The ambiance has a New Orleans feel,” Avila said. “We have said we’re a New Orleans-style barbecue. There’s a little extra spice and flavor to our food and extra emphasis on side items.”

Yeah, you better concentrate on side items cause that’s the hallmark of Central Texas Barbecue…..vegetables.

That’s why people fly into Taylor and Lockhart from all over the globe. So they can eat corn and beans.

Sounds like Avila’s at least got his finger on the pulse out in Austin.

Wonder if he’s ever got a good old fashioned Texas dry gulching?

With any luck there’ll be a posse of old school Texas barbecue honchos waiting on him when he rolls into town scouting out some brick and mortars for his corporate barbecue.

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This article came out a while back but comments below are just starting to heat up.

Did Brent Willits, owner of Magic Restaurant Group, the company we can hold responsible for this colossal failure in judgement really say the following?

“Say ‘barbecue,’ and everybody thinks about the shack on the corner, and a lot of these places are practically falling down. That’s cool and kind of quaint, but it just smells of yesterday.” It doesn’t smell of yesterday Mr. Willits. It smells like culture, tradition and Texas folkways.

And it damn sure smells a lot better than any corporate barbecue you could ever dream of importing from Louisiana into the great state.

Cause, you know, Louisiana is famous for its barbecue.

We’ve been to NOLA dozens of times and have enjoyed the occasional plate of barbecue from the Shack over on Poland Avenue in the Bywater. But go into garish, noisy Voodoo BBQ and Grill and actually sit down for some faux barbecue?

We’ll pass.

As for your comment on old timey barbecue houses that are “falling down”, we’ll take our brisket from a beat-up, old tar-paper shack that’s right at tumble-down before we’ll ever step foot into one of your “five Austin locations”.

Sounds like you’re trying to be the new Dickey’s (the pitiable chain out of North Texas)?

Well, the old Dickeys was plenty bad enough and they’re getting to be thick as fleas without more chain barbecue coming in to Austin and further polluting our traditions.

Thanks for the good laughs in the press release though. We’re still in stitches over the following: “VooDoo BBQ specializes in competition-style barbecue.”

We assure you the last thing y’all ever want to do upon entering Texas is to get into a brisket brawl with one of our world class pit bosses.

That would be a mistake on the same level as the one you made when you decided to enter the competitive and delicious world of Austin barbecue in the first place.

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