We wept like frightened school girls when Old Spanish Trail suffered a huge fire a few years back. This is a top, true-Texas diner and has always been one of our favorite places to eat in the Great State.

One of our favorite things to do is hit the backroads from Austin to Bandera for a genuine feast of Tex Mex and country cooking. OST, as it’s known by the locals, opened up way back in 1921 and has soldiered along serving scratch home cooking for nigh on to a hundred years.

We go here for pluperfect chicken fried steak, incredible bloody ribeyes and world class enchiladas.

We also like to hit their salad bar.

Really. It being in a converted old wagon somehow makes everything taste better than it should.

Bandera is a great place to while away a weekend drinking ice cold, dirt cheap beer and hanging out with the locals.

Many of whom still go on bar crawls via horseback.

305 Main St

Bandera, TX

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(830) 796-3836

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