While we spend the vast majority of our beer drinking money at an array of local dive bars, every so often it’s nice to get down with the Duesenberg set and lounge back at the Four Seasons on San Jacinto in downtown Austin.

The women folk are all toddling about in stiletto heels drinking booze from nice stemware while the men are nattily attired in their summer-y Brooks Brothers best.

We look like a couple roadies from Tommy X. Hancock’s Supernatural Family Band but nobody seems to care that much. As long as the money’s green everybody’s going to get along just fine. We’re here for the Real Ale Party at the Lobby Lounge that we wrote about here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/8/15/Breaking-News-Real-Ale-Tasting-At-Austin-Texas-Four-Seasons-Tonight-August-15th-57pm#more , it’s not too often we make it down to Austin’s fanciest hotel but the timing’s right and we’ve got a couple extra dollars so we decided to show some support for the best brewery in Blanco Texas.

It’s reportedly the first time Austin’s Four Seasons has ever thrown a kegger and we would not miss this historic event.

In lieu of getting buck wild we ensconce ourselves at the bar and settle in for a nice tipple.

The Decemberists are playing and the sun is breaking just right through the westward glass with yellow light playing off thousands of tiny motes of dust floating through the air.

After a brace of Devil’s Backbones and a feast of passed appetizers [ beef skewers, battered shrimp ] from the kitchen of executive chef Elmer Prambs we adjourn to the banks of the nearby Colorado for a sojourn under the stately shade trees.

Austin living can mean a thousand things to a thousand people. One night might find you at Frontier Bar eating a cheap burger and drinking a $1 beer then what seems like a moment later you’re laid back in an Adirondack chair at the fanciest hotel in town.

This is why we love Austin.

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