Ever so often we get out our better cowboy hat and ride down to the Four Seasons on San Jacinto to party with the swells.

This is when we’re on our best behavior so as not to attract too much attention from the brutal security forces the hotel reportedly employs. Tonight, for a mere two hours The Four Seasons’s draft beer cherry will be popped. Yes, for the first time ever The Four Seasons is going to be serving draft beer by Real Ale Brewery.

We look forward to the normally staid crowd taking part in the time honored Austin tradition of doing keg stands while listening to the Bad Livers.

In the lobby lounge of the Four Seasons.

We hold Real Ale beer in the same high regard as Live Oak. Central Texas is blessed to have two such amazing beer resources.

We would not miss this for the world.

98 San Jacinto Blvd

Austin, TX


(512) 478-4500

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