In 1989 The New York Times sent a reporter to Taylor Texas to cover the Taylor International Barbecue Cookoff. 120 judges devoured 700 entries.

Now, the time is drawing nigh once more for the cream of Central Texas’ pit bosses to show and prove this weekend in Taylor Texas.

In the past teams have traveled from as far away as Australia to compete. This weekend there will be high drama at Murphy Park in the jewel of Williamson County; the little town with the big belly bulging with brisket, Taylor.

We have not received word as to whether any of the famous Mueller clan will be competing but we remain confident world class barbecue will be there for the eating.

We hope there will be some sort of ceremony for Bob Roberts, the man who started the cookoff way back in 1978. He’s been passed for over a decade but his influence in the world of Texas barbecue is still felt to this day.

For the non-smoked meat crowd there will be an arts and crafts fair held at the same location, same time. If you ever wanted a handmade corn cob doll this may just be your chance.

We’re always on the lookout for new doilies for our sofas and reckon this might be an opportunity to tap into the motherlode.

All revenue from this event is dispersed by the Taylor Jaycees to area charities. We heard they took a pretty good lick at the National Rattlesnake Sacking Championship so get on out and spend some money for a good cause.

Alcohol will be available for sale so leave that flask that lives in your back pocket at the house.

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Murphy Park is at 1600 Veterans Drive

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