Arizona native Carlos Garcia is about to have his already full plate ladled with more responsibilities.

Chef Garcia is the exec at Sullivan’s Steakhouse on Colorado Street in downtown Austin. Now he has an additional job.

He’s in charge of Sully’s Side Bar, the new Mexican food project the Steakhouse is opening in a portion of the building they’ve occupied for the last ten years or so. We’re crossing ourselves and doing intensive recitation of the rosary in the hopes they hire a tortilla lady who really knows her stuff.

Too many places in Austin these days are buying whatever tortillas they can lay their hands on and calling it a day’s work.

Tacos from a steakhouse? Every restaurant in town is scrambling for fresh revenue streams these days as competition is beyond fierce. We’re withholding judgement on the concept til we can get by there at the end of August when they’re set to open.

300 Colorado St

Austin, Texas


(512) 495-6504

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