Plano Texas based Snapple must be run by blackguards as they’ve seen fit to sue Dublin Dr. Pepper [est. 1891].

It further complicates matters that Snapple owns Dublin Dr. Pepper. So they’re suing themselves.

In Texas. Where Dr. Pepper reigns over all other soft drinks [ sorry Big Red ].

Dublin Dr Pepper’s attorney Steven Wolens had this to say about potentially having to pay the attorney fees of the parent company; “There would be nothing left except the bottle caps.”

The details of the lawsuit: Dublin Dr. Pepper manufactures a superior product to the Dr. Pepper that’s being produced at other plants in the United States.

They have a secret weapon.

Cane sugar.

The other manufacturing plants use high fructose corn syrup which upon ingestion kills you dead as Hell.

It takes a few years, the death is slow, you become obese, catch the diabetes and slowly founder along til one day you’re dead.

This is hypotheses of course. But it is a commonly held view of nutritionists and food scientists the world over.

There is a new trend we’ve noticed where some food experts are maintaining that corn syrup is NOT bad for you. Perhaps they have a point but for now we’ll content ourselves with steering clear of the stuff and drinking our cold beverages powered by Stevia or cane sugar in a pinch.

Snapple has a problem with Dublin Dr. Pepper selling their superior Dr. Pepper outside of the six county area they’ve been relegated to.

Here’s a quote from the braintrust behind the lawsuit. “Quite simply, the Dublin bottler is misusing our trademark and has been for years. We’re not seeking money or to prevent them from selling Dr Pepper made with cane sugar. We simply want them to sell only within their six-county territory and stop marketing and packaging Dr Pepper as ‘Dublin Dr Pepper.”

Who knows where the truth behind the lawsuit lies?

We tend to get a mite defensive over our Texas icons like Dr. Pepper, Fritos, Pearl Beer and what have you.

And we love that stores in Austin carry Dublin Dr. Pepper and if the suits up in Plano have their way we won’t be able to lay our hands on the good stuff we utilize for our flamin Dr. Pepper shots we like to gulp down in our back yard in the Fall of the year.

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