We recently watched the online video of the planning commission’s hearing on Crossroads Bar’s plea to be allowed to open their business in a defunct service center in South Austin.

Bear in mind that Willie’s Service Center has been out of business for nearly a decade, is boarded up and appears to be near tumbledown. Some rumpled South Lamar business owner guy gets up and starts proselytizing about how worried he is that people who may like to drink a beer at the new bar will be vomiting in his parking lot and molesting his female employees as they make a mad dash to their cars at the end of a hard day.

The commission appears unswayed.

Another citizen gets up and begins grousing about how dangerous it will be for people who use a nearby ATM to continue doing so with a bar mere feet away. That argument doesn’t gain traction so he tries a different tact before finally spiralling down into a treatise on how unsafe South Lamar is for bicyclists.

Then attorney Kareem Hajjar gets up and begins an impassioned defense of his client’s attempts to get their business opened up.

He makes some good points chief of which being the obvious that his clients [ John Flynn, J.D. Dunn and Jonah Lochlie ] are trying to spend a half a million dollars on a broke down service center and turn it into a neighborhood watering hole.

Sounds like a win win from where we sit.

At the end of the fairly contentious hearing the commission goes ahead and give the project the green light.

We looking forward to drinking an ice cold Pearl Light beer at Crossroads Bar in the near future

1901 South Lamar Blvd

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