Frontier Bar fulfills several criteria we hold dear in our dive bars. Firstly, we love that they will sell you a delicious, ice cold beer for exactly one dollar.

While it’s true that we’ve been in Austin long enough to remember when plenty bars did just that, our recent journeys through the nightlife scene found the trait to be vanishing.

Settling in at the bar with a one dollar Miller High life, The Cramps on the juke box and the soft mechanical clatter of the ancient beer cooler, we begin our hang. The walls of Frontier bar are painted a deep, bloody red, the floors have been polished by 1000’s of ostrich skin boots in the bar’s former life as a Tejano nightclub; El Cedro.

Gazing about we spy an MC 900 Foot Jesus poster which brings to mind a show we saw him perform in Atlanta a million or so years ago at the Cotton Club in Atlanta.

For some reason a gang of skinheads were in the club that night and having themselves a good old time skanking about til the MC took umbrage at something one of them did and the brawl was on!

While we’re still a few years from our dotage we do love reflecting back on such memories.

Frontier Bar has a small stage that will surely play host to one of Austin’s dozen or so bands that are always on the lookout for new music venues. We wish there was something our city could do to coax more rock n rollers to come to town as they are a vanishing lot.

Pool tables, two, are available for those into that sort of thing.

We adjourn from the chilly interior of the bar to soak in some atmosphere on the surprisingly spacious patio. It’s ramshackle which is how we prefer our verandas. A handful of picnic tables are strewn about, an outside bar has been hastily erected and a giant shade tree holds sway over all.

It’s quite nice.

Back inside we chat with the barkeep for a bit. Frontier Bar is the latest offering from the man who owns Nomad Bar up on Cameron Road. We love Nomad in spite of our most recent visit which found the lounge invaded by a group of young gentleman in backwards baseball caps exhibiting the untoward behavior of a group of knaves.

Instead of letting fists fly we disembarked to nearby Carousel Lounge.

Frontier Bar is still finding its crowd. It literally is on the eastern frontier of the recent trend of Tejano bars being converted into watering holes for the downtown set. We have mixed feelings on this social movement but for now we’ll content ourselves with ice cold dirt cheap beers and good music on the hi fi.

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2421 Webberville Rd

[512] 243-7153

Hours of operation


5pm -2am

Dollar beers from 5pm – 9pm

Lone Star, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yellowbelly, Miller High Life

This bar is also stocked with plenty liquor

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