Should it be whom?

Calvin Trillin said it best. “Whom” was invented to make people sound like English butlers. So we’ll stick with who, for now.

We never thought we’d end up on the Twitter. Much like strolling down the “wrong” hallway of a freewheeling, clothing optional Amsterdam nightclub-it just sort of happened. But this Twitter we kept hearing about is actually quite enjoyable.

We’re extremely picky about who we follow. We keep the signal strong so as to drown out the clutter.

For instance: If you use the word sammie in favor of sandwich, you’re off our list. If they had Twitter when we were three, this would not have been the case. But that’s when we learned how to properly pronounce the word.

We never looked back.

Here are a few accounts that we enjoy:[and if you’re writing about food in Austin Texas please comment below with link to your Twitter]!/robbwalsh Robb Walsh, founder of Austin’s Hot Sauce festival. If you’re not from Austin you probably call it salsa. This guy’s written the book[s] on Texas food.!/JMuellerBBQ John Mueller was the king of Austin pit bosses. He’s been on hiatus for the last few years and in his absence a prodigy named Aaron Franklin arose to the throne. He’s almost back in business in South Austin.!/FranklinBbq We like the quaint atmosphere and fast moving lines at Franklin Barbecue. Stroll on in at any time of the day, grab a fast bite of some delicious barbecue and be back to the office in two shakes of a lambs tail.!/blacksbbq We fly in the face of conventional wisdom with frightening regularity. Black’s Barbecue down in Lockhart puts out our favorite brisket in Caldwell County.!/BBQsnob The alpha bull of Texas barbecue roadtrips is Daniel Vaughn. This is his twitter feed.!/Jason___Cohen Over at Texas Monthly. Jason Cohen keeps us amused although we wish he wrote about food more.!/slowfoodaustin Their last 300 or so posts are all about some quiz bowl they’re doing. We’re sick of hearing about it but figure once it’s in the books they’ll post something else.!/etij Ed Tijerina keeps us up to date on San Antonio food.!/broylesa Addie Broyles blogs, writes, tweets-we don’t know how she gets any work done over at the Statesman.!/marvinbendele Marvin Bendele is the director of Foodways Texas.!/DerMusensohn Jim Washburn. We love his plowhand good looks and musings on Texas food.!/DavilasBBQ Open since 1959 Davila’s Barbecue in Seguin puts up their daily specials here. Do not skip the Texas Hot Guts.!/texasbbqposse Dallas barbecue hounds crisscrossing Texas.!/TMfood The 900lb gorilla of Austin food magazines-on Twitter.!/FoodTrailersATX Tony Yamanaka is scrambling up the ranks toward becoming THE authority on Austin Texas food trailers.!/EaterAustin Eater is doing a swell job of documenting Austin’s food scene.!/odam Matthew Odam is the new food critic at the Statesman. Our gaze is upon him.!/mmpackeatwrite MM Pack used to write for Austin Chronicle. On a good day she could give Mick Vann a run for his money. Austin misses her voice.!/3LittlPigs Raymond Tatum has put some of the best plates of food we’ve ever eaten in front of us. This is his 3 Little Pigs Twitter feed.!/fedmanwalking Mike Sutter has left his role as food critic for the Statesman. He’s better off without that yoke around his neck. And now he’s got his own site.!/paulaforbes She loves Trudy’s but you can’t hold that against her. Also, keeps everything ship shape over on Austin’s Eater site.!/ThrillistATX And finally. Thrillist, the national chain, is open for business in Austin.


These are just a few of our favorites. We may have left you out? If so, please let us know so we can add you to the list.

Of course if you’re bored out of your gourd you can always check out!/RLReevesJr officially endorsed by

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