In much the same fashion as LL Cool J, Randall Stockton has exhibited typical resilience with the announcement of his latest venture: Sputnik, a burger and hot dog shop located in the old room that hosted The Good Knight.

He faces considerable challenges with this venture. Hopdoddy Burger Bar has wrought significant changes in the Austin Texas’ burger game.There are several critical metrics that must now be met to be considered a major player.

*You must grind your own beef in-house, preferably a mix of two different portions of the steer-brisket and short ribs springs to mind

*Your fries must be cut in house and properly [twice] fried-preferably in leaf lard or another superior fat medium

*Are you serving bacon on your burgers? Time to start purchasing and curing your own pork bellies. Preferably from a Duroc, Mangalitsa or Black guinea hog. We’re spoiled for the good stuff and don’t want to see any Armor products anywhere near our food.

*Buns must be baked in house-no exceptions

*Condiments must be made in house-if you’re really a game changer/trend setter, we recommend a large sign near the door that says “NO KETCHUP-DON’T ASK”. This will, hopefully, keep the toddler palated stepping right on down the street

*A beer sommelier should be on hand to explain what to pair your bacon cheeseburger with. Live Oak Pilz….Full Moon Pale Rye….Lagunitas IPA. We, the burger eating public need guidance. It’s your responsibility to help us.

This is all that springs to mind immediately.

Of course you can take another approach, keep it cheap, get everything from PFG or Ben E. Keiths and no one will really be the wiser.

Almost no one.

We look forward to sampling the goods at Sputnik in the former home of the Good Knight.

1300 East 6th Street

Austin, TX


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