A recent visit to the house Anna Nicole Smith built found the fried chicken redoubt to be in fine form.

Mexia Texas is due east of Waco. It’s a sleepy little town that’s played host to tens of thousands of supermodel pilgrims over the years. This is where Anna Nicole made her bones in the food service industry.

Stepping onto hallowed ground is always an iffy affair. Can the actual experience of treading on the same floors that Anna Nicole walked on possibly live up to the hype and expectation.

Jury is still out but Jim’s does serve up a delicious box of fried chicken.

Just don’t pull out your camera.

The manager immediately and flatly announced “THE OWNER DON’T LIKE THAT! Properly chastened we adjourned to the parking lot for our feast.

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312 E Milam St

Mexia, Texas


(254) 562-5035

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