The Lavender and Wine Fest in Chappell Hill is taking place this Saturday August 13th 2011.

We imagine throngs of lavendar enthusiasts flocking to this event. Neighborhood Wal-Green’s are reporting a run on support hose and reading glasses. The festival starts at 9am and ends at 3pm so the attendees can get their naps in.

Washington County, where Chappell Hill is located refers to itself as the “birthplace of Texas” and we’re not arguing.

It’s flat gorgeous.

Expect just north of a thousand attendees at the event.

Nearby Windy Winery is participating by hosting a tasting as well as a wine stomp. As you might imagine dozens of elderly folk will get down to their all togethers and go to stomping on big vats of grapes. Entry is free but you’ll have to pay $25 for all the stomping you care to administer.

Windy Winery reports that none of these grapes will subsequently become wine.


This sounds like a good time but we’re probably going to have to sit this one out.

We remain fans of the classic film Lavendar and Old Lace.

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