One of the better local resources for chefs who pay close attention to their sourcing; Springdale Farm, gets a nice writeup this month in Country World online magazine.

Years back, Glenn and Paula Foore faced the same problem a lot of good gardeners do; they didn’t know what to do with a bumper harvest of tomatoes their skills had wrought. Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due was throwing a supper party at the Foore’s urban farm when the topic came up.

He had the tomatoes moved out in a matter of moments.

Happy chefs, happy farmers.

So began the success of Springdale Farm.

Nowadays the Foores grow over 70 varieties of beans, tomatoes, onions and what have you, selling all they can produce to local restaurants as well as to the public at their farm stand they open up on Wednesday and Saturday.

Along with Boggy Creek, Rain Lilly and Haus Bar-Springdale Farm is part of the new, urban farming movement that’s taking place all over the US. Even in northern cities like Detroit we’re starting to see patches of green coming along in areas that were formerly known more for their blight and decay than their ability to put out pole beans or collards.

It’s gratifying to see a city like Austin that’s spinning more and more towards rampant urbanization embrace people who still honor and value the land.

755 Springdale Road

Austin, Texas



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