Mr. Woody had a pretty good run in Austin what with owning and/or managing a sizeable cadre of bars on neon-fed Sixth Street in downtown.

Til a lioness/pilates instructor out of Houston came along with a grand vision of what she could create from a handful of hundred year old houses in the Rainey Street neighborhood. Bridget Dunlap definitely got a leg up by being open during the Texas Relays while Woody’s Blind Pig and Shakespeare’s Pub boarded up their windows and ran for cover.

The newest offering from Ms. Dunlap is the Container Bar and it’s unlike anything Austin has ever seen.

Six giant shipping containers 40 feet long and 10 feet high apiece will be stacked and strewn across a lot on the formerly peaceful and staid Rainey Street. Each container will seat a couple dozen martini swilling patrons.

Will Radiohead provide the soundtrack?

We’re crazy about the idea of having a giant retractable roof over the vast courtyard. Anything to help us keep the brutal Texas sun at bay.

We loved Lustre Pearl right when it first opened but the crowds quickly drove us away. Then we rejoiced over Clive Bar, til the crowds descended.

With Container Bar opening in the middle of the brutal Austin Winter when temperatures dip down well into the 50’s perhaps we can eke at least a month or so of enjoyment from it.

Before the crowds descend.

Container Bar

90 Rainey Street

Article from New York Times on Ms. Dunlap’s empire

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