Once in a blue moon we’ll post a non-Austin photo. Today is one of those days. On the dusty back streets of Kumkapi,an ancient Istanbul neighborhood, we’re navigating along with a belly full of delicious Turkish soul food when we spy this gorgeous vegetable market.

We’ve just left Doyuran Lokantasi, a venerable Turkish meat and three and have no intention of making any purchases but the friendly Turkish vendor basically runs us down and a halting conversation begins.

He doesn’t speak English, we don’t speak Turkish but we get along fine.

While there are certainly a few towns across the globe we have yet to visit, we doubt any can approach the magnificence of Istanbul.

Particularly when it comes to eating.

The population of 15 million people is well versed in hospitality and the restaurants will make you swoon.

We’re saving for a Winter visit as that’s the height of hamsi season.

More words on Doyuran Lokantasi, the first of 37 restaurants we ate at on our Winter sojourn



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