“Cozy, French neighborhood cafe” anyone? The men behind Lamberts Barbecue and Perla’s seafood restaurant [Larry McGuire and Thomas Moorman] have begun the remodel on Elizabeth Street Cafe on South First Street.

It’s in the old Bouldin Creek Coffee House and directly across the street from where the new John Mueller Barbecue joint will be.

Bouldin Creek is growing up. A who’s who of local restaurant folk are behind this tiny little cafe that’s reported to be a banh mi, pho house: They’ve titled themselves McGuire Moorman Hospitality,and the team includes Continental Club owner Steve Wertheimer, CPA Carla Work, Graphic Designer Jett Butler of Foda Studio, Project Manager Margaret Vera as well as the aforementioned McGuire/Moorman.

If the group all brings one person each they can count on opening day being a sold out house as this structure they’re rehabbing is teeny, tiny.

We love that they reference “French colonial Hanoi” in describing the project. That sounds dreamy.

We’re doubtful they can provide a significant threat to the continued dominance of Tam Deli but South Austin is seriously deficient in the banh mi category and we can’t wait to get by there and sample their goods. Here’s hoping they respect the traditon of banh mi as being a cheap, delicious sandwich. Anything north of $4 is beyond the pale.

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1501 South First Street

Austin, Texas


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