We love Adam Richman.

The tv star of Man vs Food seems like a good guy. He’s funny, rotund, looks good on camera, seems earnest….in other words he has a lot of good qualities. But when asked his perspective by New York Daily News on the best places for a chowhound to eat in Austin Texas he baffles us with his perspective by recommending the Mighty Cone, the mystifyingly popular food cart on South Congress.

It’s not good by any metric.

He then doubles down by applauding Hey Cupcake who once served us the worst cupcake we’ve ever eaten. Dry and flavor free, we can’t fathom how this cart has managed to stay in business much less achieved any sort of success.

We’ll now give you a couple delicious alternatives to those two food cart train wrecks.

Arancini, the food cart on South First Street is putting out some insanely delicious street food from a small trailer court a few blocks west of The Mighty Cone.

We’ve eaten there a dozen or so times in the past two months. Everything we’ve had is sublime but do not miss the arancini. Imagine a fancified boudin ball and you’ll be in the ballpark. Deep fried risotto anyone?

We have a terrible sweet tooth. One that answers the clarion call of Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop with frightening regularity. Sugar Mama is the queen of the Austin cupcake scene but her true ability lies in making dessert bars.

Her lemon curd bar is one of the finest things we’ve ever put in our mouth. She does have a weak spot though. Steer clear of the pecan bar as she’s not sourcing high grade pecans.

In Texas.

We still can’t figure that out but remain firm in our belief that the little shop is the finest purveyor of sweets in Austin.


601 W Live Oak St

Austin, Texas


(512) 284-8865


Sugar Mama

1905 S 1st St

Austin, Texas


(512) 448-3727

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