Goode Partners, the New York private equity firm that owns Chuys Holding’s, the oddly titled Tex Mex restaurant that got its start in Austin, is taking the chain public.

The company filed for an i.p.o with the United States Security and Exchange Commission earlier today.

Chuy’s has infiltrated the southern part of the United States opening over 2 dozen restaurants in the last few years. We noticed one in Birmingham Alabama on a recent visit and noticed the good citizens there to be just as ripe for a good duping as the folks who flood the various Austin outlets on a nightly basis.

In Austin there’s no reason to eat bad Tex Mex as we have some very respectable joints dotting our landscape.

We’re not so sure about Indiana, Kentucky and Alabama; a few of the states Chuy’s has swooped into…most likely in the dead of night when the citizens’ guard was down.

Our last visit to Chuy’s featured salsa that had utilized limes that had turned as well as the company’s approximation of Ranch dressing that bore little resemblance to common notions of what that glorious dressing normally tastes like.

But when it comes to an i.p.o we’re all in! We’ve been looking for a good gravy train and Chuy’s is one strong earner that we feel confident in.

We just won’t be eating there anytime soon.

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