Word is trickling in from staffers at recently shuttered Japanese chain Benihana’s Austin outlet of duplicitous tales management wove prior to the business’ closing. We’re curious as to why Benihana’s managers allegedly felt the need to tell the staff that the restaurant was only closing for a few days to install a new water heater when the reality was the business was preparing for an actual, permanent closure?

We love teppan table cuisine but this affair leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

What does it accomplish to tell your staff repeatedly, day after day, that you’re just about to reopen til finally the truth gets out that management is just putting on a soft shoe act and you’re actually out of a job?

We haven’t completely written Mr. Meltzer’s efforts as a restaurateur off however. We’re waiting for the right moment to roll into his new, eponymous cafe and sample “lasagna egg rolls”, or the “famous reuben quesadilla” featuring “sour kraut”.

What rabbit hole did the creative team who came up with these fusion oddities spring from?

We love a good train wreck as much as any other diner in Austin but after parsing a few online reviews we may have to sit this one out.

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