We’re currently penning a feature on Blanco Bowling Club Cafe but for the time being we’ll content ourselves with adding a quick photo to our vast Austin Daily Photo archive.

We’ve been eating at this tiny cafe for over a decade and stand behind our previous remark that this is where we’ve eaten the best, restaurant chicken fried steak, we’ve ever had in the state of Texas. While Austin is considered the buckle in the Central Texas chicken fried steak belt, we’ve had a hard time finding good ones in our city.

But with Blanco only an hour away we’ve been known to run out there from time to time for life extending, trencherman’s fare at this weathered dining hall.

While you have to be a member to play a game of 9 pin in the back of the cafe, word has it they’ve never actually turned anyone away.

You may want to only eat half of your giant plate of food so as to save room for the scratch dessert pies as they are among the finest we’ve ever sampled.

310 4th St

Blanco, Texas


(830) 833-4416

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