Chef/owner Enrique Reyes is putting out some fine food at his tiny Cuban Sandwich Cafe in the Windsor Park neighborhood in North East Austin.

The Miami Florida native is putting out some top flight fare like fried catfish, huevos rancheros, tamales, Cuban pork, gorditas, empanadas and milkshakes [!].

And of course Cuban sandwiches. This being Austin, it was written into his lease that he had to do breakfast tacos. One of the little known city ordinances that’s routinely written into lease agreements.

Call yourself a restaurant?

You’re going to be serving breakfast tacos.

Welcome to Austin.

We have Chef Reyes pictured here in front of his bakery case. It’s a testament to the power of flour and sugar. Everything glows and is baked fresh daily.

We mourned the passing of Big Earls a decade or so ago. They were our favorite of the previous tenants that have occupied the little room that Cuban Sandwich Cafe resides in.

While we miss Big Earl’s fried pork chops and simmered oxtails we are happy to have another talented cook’s menu to work our way through.

1804 Briarcliff Boulevard

Austin, TX



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