University of Texas’ radio station KUT is reporting some awful news in Austin today. Police are alleging that three area restaurants: Sam’s Barbecue, Willie’s Barbecue and La Morenita have been purchasing meat from a local thievery ring that targeted the HEB chain of grocery stores.

A Photo That Tore A Thousand Hearts To Pieces

A Photo That Tore A Thousand Hearts To Pieces

We are praying [and we’re normally not terribly prayerful ] that these allegations are untrue. In the last year the three matriarchs of the Mays family that ran Sam’s Barbecue all passed away; sisters Roni and Waunda as well as their mother Erma Lee Mays.

These three tragedies would’ve felled most businesses as Waunda and Roni were really the rocks the modern Sam’s stood upon.

The business that used to be booming had faltered in the last year or so. With their sassy counter ladies gone the company seemed to have lost its verve.

The smoked meat was still good but that side of sparkly wit that the gals dispensed with ease was missing.

We last ate at Sam’s a couple weeks ago. The smoked chicken was delicious as always but you could feel the absence of the sisters. When you have outsize characters running the front of the house and you lose them, something else is lost as well.

We hope that what the police are alleging is untrue. We can’t imagine an Austin without Sam’s Barbecue.

  1. Hi, we are making a short documentary celebrating the Mays family and Sam’s Bar-B-Que. We are looking for people who are love Sam’s BarBQue to say a few words about what makes them so special. Would you be interested in speaking further? if so please email me mabel at theculturetrip dot com Thank you

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