While our love for Franklin Barbecue remains unabated we simply don’t have the time for the epic, 2-3 hour wait for a brisket sandwich.

Yes, we know there to be “line holding” services where persons will get to Franklin early and hold your spot so you can wheel into the parking lot, make your way past the jeering crowd and walk straight to the counter for your meat of the day.

There’s just something about that that sticks in our craw. One curious note: When John Mueller opens at 1502 S. 1st St. we can hardly wait to see what the effect will be on the line at Franklin.


Partly abated?

Zero effect?

If ever Franklin needed motivation to get the additional pits he’s been working on the last few months fired up, this could provide it.

Austin has dozens of barbecue restaurants with quality ranging from absymal [Rudy’s Country Store ] to good [ House Park Barbecue ] but all of them put together have done nothing to stem the tide that is Franklin Barbecue.

We were thumbing through some old photos when we came across the above image. If memory serves it was a Saturday afternoon around 2 when we took the picture at the old location.

We walked straight to the window and ordered a pound of fatty brisket, the nice lady threw in some scraps of ribs and this n that since they were about to close for the day.

It was a calm, beatific scene. One very unlike what’s happening now at their brick and mortar over on 11th St where people are showing up as early as 7:30 am to form a line.

Anybody like Aaron Franklin who came up through the food academy that was Little City on the Drag deserves all the success they can be accorded.

We’re just mournful that we no longer have access to his brisket.

900 E 11th St

Austin, Texas


(512) 653-1187

Hours of operation


11 am til sold out

They sometimes put the sold out sign up at about 10:50 am

Yes, they do sell out prior to opening if the line is long enough and enough people are getting pounds of meat

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