With a powerful hankering for some Czech sausage we motor down to Ellinger Texas to visit Mary Vrazel, one of the few female pit bosses in the great state of Texas.


The little tiny roadside cabin could hold a dozen or so hungry eaters if we were to all stand collar to elbow. The coarse grained sausage is as good as you’re ever likely to eat. The brisket, plastic spoon tender and marbled with the fat that indicates the good life of a well tended steer.

Mary Vrazel is a charmer. She’s also an extremely talented cook. When she’s not open on the weekends at her barbecue shack, she’s cooking at the legendary Hruska’s right up the road.

Ellinger is also home to Peter’s Barbecue, this cat made his bones in the Mikeska dynasty and puts out damn fine brisket in spite of his using a Southern Pride smoker.

Ellinger, Texas


(979) 378-2366

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